People think that innovation happens by sitting around with your buddies and letting magical ideas pop into your head. Or, your customers tell you exactly what they need, and you just have to build it. Dream on! Innovation is a hard, messy process with no shortcuts. It starts with making something that you’d like to use and that might make people’s lives better. Then you have to get the word out that your product or service exists.
— Guy Kawasaki

I'm here to help you find your product market fit and get the word out. Have an open mind, be ready for change and to learn something new every day. If you are not a people person, you need to become one - your network is the key to success.

marketing & Pr

I can help you to set up your marketing goals and plan, teach you how to make social media work for you, how to growth hack, how and when to communicate with media and which media. I specialize on content marketing, brand awareness and digital strategy. I set up Bahoui creative freelance digital agency to help small businesses to grow their business. Feel free to ask recommendations.

web and mobile apps

Connect you with good developers who have solid prortfolio and help you to build your MVP with startup budget but high quality. If you are not experienced or tech savvy and need more help I will stay beside you to help you build the product.
I have worked with various development teams and I would not recommend anyone who cannot deliver.
You can find my development team Boost My Startup portfolio here


Either you need blogging or guest blogging, or advice on your PR strategy get in touch with me. I have extensive experience in managing companies' blogs, guest blogging and further content generation as Ebooks and Whitepapers to give a boost to your lead generation and become an influencer in your industry.


You already have MVP launched but no money to go to the market? Should you go for crowdfunding, accelerator programme, find angels or VCs.. For start read my article on finding Angels.

Anything else?

If you don't know where to start or you have any other ideas how we can work together or use my know-how,  or maybe you just want to get into startup scene. Get in touch and let's talk!