What I'm doing now?

Venture Associate, Founders Factory

Looking after TravelTech & MediaTech portfolio at Founders Factory - a highly active early-stage investor in London, started by Brent Hoberman and Henry Lane Fox and backed by seven leading international corporates: L'Oreal, The Guardian Media Group, Aviva, easyJet, Holtzbrinck, CSC and M&S.

Head of Ecosystem and Marketing, Rainmaking Colab

Rainmaking Colab is a new model for a changing market. It provides established industry players early access to relevant growth stage startups. Through a theme based innovation program based in New York and London, Rainmaking Colab is designed to equip corporates in mature markets with the capability to create engagement and solve real business problems. Created by the founders of Rainmaking and Startupbootcamp FinTech, and powered by a global network of entrepreneurs, partners and mentors, Rainmaking Colab will bring together startups, industry leading companies, investors and mentors. Launched Rainmaking Colab in 2017, Autumn and since I'm heading ecosystem and marketing of the program in London and New York. 

Freelance Consultant

I'm advising start-ups on how to build a great products, how & when to start with marketing and PR, which channels to use and how to build a content marketing machine. I connect startups with right people - investors, developers, marketers, growth hackers.
Companies I work with mostly - FinTech and SaaS

Ecosystem Development and Events, British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce

The British-Estonian Chamber of Commerce UK branch was opened in December 2015. Regular events are held mainly in London. BECC UK works closely with the British Embassy and UK-Estonia TechLink. We are set out to help businesses and entrepreneurial minds reach their full potential and overcome limitations to growth. We believe that ultimately, business is about people and we believe that the UK and Estonia are in a unique position to benefit from each others strengths. If you are Estonian company looking to expand in UK, please get in touch.

Business Development Director, Boost My Startup

Outsource Your Web Design / Development work to us. We are Fast, Professional & Affordable. A full service Digital Agency and Software House that specializes in building great products from ideation and market research to prototyping and iterating to building, testing and full launch.
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What I've done before?

As worked with fast growing startups I'm experienced in managing different projects from scratch. So here's what I've done:

Head of Product and Founding member at Jobatar

Jobatar is a leading provider of video interviewing cloud software. I joined Jobatar as founding team member to set up technology team and build the product. We believe that a successful talent acquisition strategy starts with a seamless integration between cutting edge technology and recruitment processes.

Head of Marketing at Startupbootcamp FinTech, London

Heading marketing one of the leading global accelerator program Startupbootcamp FinTech in London focused on innovation in financial services. We help startups to accelerate their businesses through intense 3 month program, provide access to funding, a global network of investors and VCs, mentors and corporate partners.

Co-Founded Bahoui

We set up Bahoui to help start-ups and small businesses to define their branding, digital strategy and be visible online through content, search and social media. We work together with experienced freelancers.

Freelance Writer

I've been writing about startups, hacks and entrepreneurship but I also cover some niche industries. Also freelance writer for FastCompany, Hybe, CoFounder Magazine and multiple company blogs.

Founded CVProfs

While seeing a problem in job market - a lot of people are lacking the skills to make a good resume and selling themselves to future employers. Great experienced talents need help with personal branding and finding a job they'd love. So I created CVProfs.

Marketing Excecutive at TextMagic

I joined TextMagic, a business text messaging platform to take care of their digital marketing. I set up content marketing activities - Social Media, PR, Blogging, SEO, Lead Generation, Brand Awareness through content generation.

Founding member and Head of Customer Services at CashOnGo Ltd

I joined CashOnGo to set up a consumer credit business in UK market. Peachy.co.uk has since been one of the leading short term finance providers in UK.
I established a team of 20 people in my department in just seven months, coached, trained and supervised the team. I developed and implemented employee motivation program and efficiency program to ensure the quality and efficiency of the service and employee satisfaction. I was also responsible for competitor analysis, risk assessment and evaluation. I was daily working with development team to build a convenient, user friendly and automated consumer lending software which allows fast and efficent automated bank connectivity.

Founding team member at MyJar

Played a key role in establishing a successful consumer lending business in UK. MyJar (previously TxtLoan) was the first text message based consumer lending business established in UK. As one of the first members in team I to set up the initial procedures when the company was established, managing client accounts and working our credit evaluation and approval process in collaboration with management team. Handling recruitment process and training new employees.